Department of Resident Services

Resident Services is the department of Reading Housing Authority (RHA) that helps public housing residents with needs that may affect their quality of life. Services are free, voluntary and confidential.

Programs and Activities

Health and Wellness Program: In our five high rise settings, RHA contracts with a local home care agency to provide a comprehensive program that encompasses all health and wellness activities.  Services are delivered once per week at each site, and include individual wellness counseling, preventative screenings, and coordination with community medical providers. Group education programs are conducted through cooperative planning with educational institutions. In Oakbrook Homes, this program is delivered in partnership with the United Way of Berks County and the Berks County Office of Aging, and includes an elevated emphasis on participants’ wellness in areas of nutrition and mental health.

Food Pantry services are delivered on-site in each public housing development through collaboration with the Greater Berks Food Bank.

Senior Community Center services at Kennedy Towers provide social, educational and health-related programming, along with an afternoon meal to older residents.  Programming is open to all older residents of RHA, along with the neighboring community, and is funded by the Berks County Office of Aging.

Summer Picnics are sponsored once a year at each high rise development to encourage resident participation and involvement in agency operations.  RHA holds its’ monthly Board Meeting immediately following theses picnics.

Summer Camp: RHA sponsors daytime summer camping activities for youth residents of Oakbrook and Glenside Homes. Camping activities include swimming, field trips, educational programming and fitness.  Students who have “graduated” from this camping program receive an opportunity to return in a special “counselors-in-training” program that includes a stipend for participation.

Boys and Girls Clubs: RHA contracts with the local Boys and Girls Club to provide comprehensive youth development services.  Programming is delivered in areas of substance abuse education, educational support, technology education, health and wellness education, and the arts.  Centers are located on-site in both Oakbrook and Glenside Homes.  

Chore Services: RHA contracts with a local cleaning company to provide daily living services to residents who do not qualify for services under other auspices, and for whom challenges in their ability to manage home environments are the only obstacle to aging-in-place. Services are based upon resident need with a concentration in housekeeping issues that affect lease compliance, and include a client cost-share.

Community Policing Program: RHA contracts with the local police department to provide community policing initiatives in each public housing development. Officers are charged with balancing intensive, development-dedicated investigation and patrol with outreach events such as general community meetings, specialized anti-crime campaigns and youth outreach events.

Holiday Basket Program: In cooperation with the Salvation Army, Resident Services provides an opportunity for all elder and disabled residents of RHA to sign up for and receive assistance for the holiday season. Sign-ups are conducted in September, and the distribution occurs in December in each public housing community space.

Scholarship Program: In memory of long-time board member Stokes Stitt, RHA offers a scholarship program to residents of Glenside and Oakbrook Homes. Two scholarships, each a maximum of $8,000, are awarded on a competitive basis.

Community Gardens are located in Rhodes, Eisenhower, Hubert Apartments, Kennedy Towers, and at Glenside/Hensler Homes.  Plans are underway to begin a garden at Franklin Tower, and it is expected that the only remaining public housing development, Oakbrook Homes, will soon follow.  In collaboration with the Berks County Community Foundation and the Berks County Conservancy, the programs provide individual plots for residents to grow vegetables, improve nutrition and engage with neighbors.

Reasonable Accommodation requests are considered when a resident with a disability identifies that he or she may be in need of a physical modification to a unit or community space, or a change in a policy or procedure, so that the resident has equal access to the housing program. 


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The Reading Housing Authority will not deny any family or individual the opportunity
to apply for or receive assistance under the public housing program on the basis of race, color, sex,
religion, creed, national or ethnic origin, age, family or marital status, handicap, or disability.