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Providing the foundation for people to find a home of hope and achieve their aspirations

At Reading Housing Authority, we believe that all persons, regardless of their financial means, deserve a safe, inviting and affordable place to call home.

In 1939, Reading Housing Authority opened its doors as the 9th Public Housing Agency in the state of Pennsylvania, with the intent to meet the housing needs of residents of the City of Reading who were otherwise unable to afford housing that was decent and safe.  We continue to fulfill this mission today through our Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Programs, as we continue to grow as a premier housing provider for persons of all economic means.

In the agency’s subsidized housing programs, individuals and families are assisted in meeting the difference between typical market-rate rents, and what they are able to afford, based upon their income.  Housing assistance is coupled with a wide range of social services that seek to support residents in maintaining their housing stability and achieving self-sufficiency and overall quality of life.

Our dedicated team of housing professionals are committed to building, restoring, maintaining and partnering to avail Reading residents to a range of housing options that are safe, attractive, modern and comfortable.  From our subsidized programs to upscale homes and rentals, more than 3,800 residents make their home in an RHA community today.

Programs and Services

The agency operates several different programs in order to meet its goals. Affordable rents for income-eligible individuals and families are found in the agency’s 1600 public housing apartments and townhouses that are located in 8 different developments throughout the City of Reading. Through the Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) Program, more than 600 city residents are assisted in paying their rent to private landlords. In our two privately owned (non-‘subsidized’) locations, townhouses are available for those with moderate incomes.

Through on-site maintenance and management of its public housing programs, the ‘landlord’ functions of RHA are vastly important. The agency ensures the decency of its properties by enforcing rules that support the well-being of the high-rise or development. Routine maintenance assures that properties are clean and well kept, and modernization is ongoing. Attention to security is featured at each location. Services are provided at each development to promote residents’ self-sufficiency goals, and formal partnerships are established between the agency and its residents groups to ensure that participant input is included in all operations.

We look forward to sharing more information with you about Reading Housing Authority! We welcome new ideas as to how we can better serve our residents, participants, and the larger community with an emphasis on our core values of quality service, fiscal responsibility, professional courtesy, and community partnerships.

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2020 Stokes Stitt Scholarship Winner

2020 Stokes Stitt Scholarship Winner

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