Clerical and Administrative positions are filled in accordance to the rules and regulations of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Civil Service Commission (PA SCSC). The Governor’s Office of Administration and the State Civil Service Commission have recently established a new employment application system for hiring. For more information, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Please visit www.employment.pa.gov, PA SCSC’s new employment website to view employment posting and apply for civil service examination announcements for state and local government jobs.

Current Job Opportunities/Job Postings

RHA has recently created a third County Caseworker 2 position for the Resident Services Department.

The job posting can be viewed at https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/pabureau/jobs/2512122/county-caseworker-2-local-government-housing-authority-spanish-speaking.

Feel free to share this employment link with anyone that may be interested in applying.


The following positions currently exist within RHA and are governed by Civil Service:

L0032 Clerk Typist 2

L0033 Clerk Typist 3

L0113 Administrative Assistant

L0139 Management Aide

L0140 Assistant Property Manager

L0141 Property Manager

L0320 Accountant

L0312 Accountant 2

L0360 Fiscal Assistant

L0340 Comptroller

L0260 Deputy Executive Director

L0274 Executive Director

L0579 Assistant Section 8 Coordinator

L0580 Section 8 Coordinator

L0590 Resident Selection Supervisor

L0621 County Social Services Aide 2

L0624 County Caseworker 2

L0626 County Casework Supervisor

L1050 Building Construction Inspector

L1051 Housing Inspector

L1070 Maintenance Superintendent

L1071 Building Maintenance Foreman

There is a continuing clerical need for bilingual (English and Spanish) skills to provide assistance to Spanish-speaking clients (adults, families, older adults and persons with disabilities). Individuals must be able to read, write and speak in both English and Spanish.  Applicants’ bilingual ability is assessed by PASCSC.


Maintenance Positions  are recruited directly for the positions of Street Cleaner (part-time) and Laborer (full-time).  In accordance to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Maintenance Aide and Maintenance Mechanic positions are typically filled through internal promotions.

Open employment opportunities and recruitment for PASCSC positions will be announced on this page.  Interested applicants are encouraged to check this listing on a regular basis.