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Message from the President

Stacey J. Keppen Executive Director

Welcome to the revamped RHA website! In an era where our world is increasingly intertwined with technology, we, as consumers, seek experiences that are quick, easy, and tailored to our needs. Our hope is that this site accomplishes just that by delivering information directly into your hands, whether you’re a resident requesting maintenance, a household in search of a new home, or someone seeking details about housing programs in the City of Reading.  This marks the beginning of an enhanced communication era for RHA. We are embracing technology while ensuring continued service for those who prefer traditional methods.

Exciting times lie ahead at RHA! Closing the pandemic chapter, we’re actively working to stabilize our housing communities and support individuals and families in achieving goals beyond RHA. Updates include the nearing completion of a $10M renovation in Glenside Homes, enhancing heating infrastructure for a more modern and dependable system. Additionally, the Oakbrook Center for Community Services, a historic project, is reaching the halfway mark, with robust community support that will address food security, childcare, social services, and economic opportunities.  Over the last year, we’ve pursued housing assistance for over 100 new households.  Exciting efforts are in the making to deepen community engagement around crime prevention, as our commitment is clear: no one should have to choose between safety and affordability.

As you explore our new site, we hope it leaves you with a profound understanding of who we are at RHA—not just what we do, but the people we are, dedicated to helping others. Our product is housing, but our purpose is people. At RHA, we firmly believe that housing is a human right, and it’s our honor and privilege to contribute to the belief that everyone, regardless of financial means, deserves a safe, inviting, and affordable place to call home.

We invite you to visit us again soon.

Warm regards,