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Portability refers to the process where participants may transfer or “port” their rental subsidy to another jurisdiction where there is a housing authority.

For households wishing to move FROM the City of Reading:

The participant completes and submits a MOVE REQUEST form to his/her Housing Specialist. The form must include information pertaining to the Housing Authority to which the participant wants to move. This means that if a participant wishes to move to a particular city, state, town or zip code, it is up to him or her to determine which Housing Authority would serve this location. RHA staff will do our best to process this information within 14 business days.

Once the form is completed, RHA will send the necessary paperwork to the “port-out agency” and the participant will also receive a copy. The port-out agency will then contact the participant for a briefing and provide him or her with a voucher to search for a unit in this new jurisdiction. Like the process at RHA, the participant is given a period of 60 days to find a place to live in the new jurisdiction.

It’s important to note that Fair Market Rents, their corresponding Payment Standards and Utility Allowances vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In addition, the “new”, or “receiving” Housing Authority may have some procedures that differ from RHA.

For participant families seeking to move TO the City of Reading:

When RHA receives paperwork from another agency for a household who wishes to utilize a voucher in the City of Reading, the participant will be contacted for a briefing. RHA staff will do our best to schedule this briefing within 14 business days.

Information may be sent to RHA’s Portability Specialist at: