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Request a Presentation

RHA works in cooperation with Resident Councils to deliver educational opportunities to residents. The role of Resident Council is to improve the quality of life for all residents, increase resident satisfaction, and provide a forum for self-help initiatives that enable residents to create a positive living environment. Presenters must provide information that will benefit residents. Specific terms are as follows. Presenters:

  • Provide information that will benefit residents.
  • May not use the presentation to sell goods/services or raise funds.
  • May leave materials with attendees for their follow-up, such as business cards or promotional literature.
  • Must understand that they are a guest of the Resident Council while on the property and will be supervised at all times.
  • May not go door-to-door to solicit goods or services.
  • May not engage in the general business of the meeting unless specifically asked by the President or other presider.
  • Are encouraged to attend with the resources to provide translation for persons with Limited English Proficiency.
  • Should limit the length of the presentation to 15 minutes.
  • Understand that each resident council determines attendance at meetings. As resident councils are independent entities of the agency, RHA does not mandate or require that a Resident Council accepts a presenter’s offer to deliver a program.

Additional information is available under the RHA Solicitation Policy.