Reading Housing Authority

Service Coordination

Reading Housing Authority is dedicated to helping residents achieve their goals in life and assisting residents when they are having difficulties. Through RHA’s Resident Services Department, residents can receive professionally-guided assistance to help when there are difficulties and uncertainty of what to do when faced with a problem or need. This assistance is provided free and confidential through workers called Service Coordinators. Service Coordinators can assess your individual situation and help locate the most appropriate assistance available for that particular need.

Help is available when residents are having emotional struggles such as depression, anxiety, drugs or alcohol problems, or other behavioral issues. We can help when residents face financial problems, have problems paying the rent or need assistance with budgeting money. When taking care of activities like bathing, cooking, cleaning and shopping become too much because of age or disability, we can assist in finding resource to help. Help is available if you need assistance in finding a job, going back to school for a General Equivalency Diploma (GED), or gaining support for English as a Second Language (ESL). Service Coordinators can also provide guidance for family, parenting and relationship issues, and will serve as a safe and supportive resource for those victimized by domestic violence.

To ask a question or request an appointment or home visit, contact:

RHA Department of Resident Services

Jack KnocksteadResident Services
Yadira ChavezService CoordinatorCenter City
Cheryl LewisService CoordinatorSouth
Elsa BerretaService CoordinatorNorth
Bill ClemmonsService CoordinatorSelf-Sufficiency Programs