Wellness Services

At RHA, we believe that health and housing go hand-in-hand.  For this reason, the agency provides, supports, or otherwise coordinates a host of on-site Wellness Services.  In general, the goal of these programs are to help residents maintain stability in their housing environment by staying well, by having access to mainstream health services, by accessing resources that enhance overall wellness like exercise and nutrition, and by having the knowledge that helps people to make good choices so that they may better control their own wellness goals.

Through on-site wellness coaching in the agency’s highrises and Glenside/Hensler Homes, residents utilize nursing services for purposes such as to discuss a new diagnosis or medication, gain help in finding a primary care provider or specialist, or develop a plan to address their health-related concerns.  In partnership with Berks Community Health Center, these same services are available adjacent to the Oakbrook Homes, delivered in a state-of-the-art Federally-Qualified Health Center offering quality, primary health care.

Throughout the course of a year, more than two dozen partner agencies visit RHA locations for health fairs and educational sessions with topics like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, weight loss, smoking cessation and healthy meal planning.  Community gardens are provided at most sites to ensure access to recreation, socialization, and home-grown nutrition.  Bike-shares are available in Oakbrook Homes to promote meet exercise and transportation needs.   Preventative screenings such as an annual flu-shot campaign are delivered to lessen the challenges sometimes associated with leaving the property.

No one should every go hungry!  Agency residents are encouraged to contact the Resident Services Department if you need food.  Residents may also contact the Greater Berks Food Bank (GBFB) directly:  http://berksfoodbank.org/food-assistance/. As part of the wellness initiatives, RHA participates in the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP).  Through CSFP and the Department of Agriculture, nutritious foods are delivered to residents age 60 and older in the agency’s highrises.  Seasonal fruits and vegetables are also delivered through the GBFB to all RHA public housing sites.