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Safety Programs

At RHA, we believe that people need to feel safe in their home and community. Steps to increase and preserve safe are taken by screening applicants in relation to criminal histories, adopting a serious approach when residents engage in violent, dangerous or drug-related criminal activity, and inviting residents’ concerns regarding the conduct of their neighbors.

One of the most effective ways that RHA has found to promote safe homes and communities is by having a strong relationship with Reading Police Department. In addition to the 24-hour police protections afforded to all residents of the City of Reading, RHA contract with the department for two dedicated police officers who work exclusively in and around RHA properties.

Designed to be a community policing model, officers are charged with conducting investigation and patrol while attending outreach events such as resident council meetings and youth events. Residents may expect to see the RHA Community Police Officers on foot and bicycle patrols, talking with residents in their homes, and meeting with staff in property management offices. To communicate directly to our officers for non-emergency issues, residents may reach our officers by email at or by leaving an anonymous note in the police message boxes.

Residents Are Reminded to Direct All Emergency Calls To 911

Reading Housing Authority also maintains a list of persons who are no longer permitted to enter on to any RHA property. Individuals are placed on this list when they have committed an incident of violent crime, drug-related activity, destruction of RHA property, a weapons offense, or have committed multiple incidences of nuisance crimes on any RHA property. Residents whose family or friends who have been placed upon this list are encouraged to refrain from permitting these individuals as guests to their homes, or risk termination of their lease agreement.