George M. Rhodes Apartments

George M. Rhodes Apartments

815 Franklin Street, Reading PA 19602

Rhodes Apartments is a 156-unit mixed-occupancy, high-rise public housing development that is owned and managed by Reading Housing Authority (RHA), and reserved for families in which the Head of Household is age 62 or above, or a person with a disability. The property offers efficiency (0) and 1-bedroom apartments. Apartments are modern, and include a stove and refrigerator. Residents are permitted to have their own air conditioners installed by RHA for an initial and ongoing fee.

Rhodes Apartments in centrally-located in the center of the City of Reading, which allows for immediate access to public transportation, healthcare, recreation, and a seasonal farmers’ market. In the first-floor community space, residents enjoy access to a big-screen TV, library, community activities hosted by local agencies and the property’s Resident Council, the RHA Wellness Program, and an enclosed exterior courtyard and community garden. Many Rhodes residents receive assistance with a range of health, education, social and economic opportunities from the RHA Department of Resident Services in order to maintain optimal independence and self-sufficiency.

Residents’ rent is typically equal to 30% of the household’s adjusted annual income, and includes water, sewer, trash, and utilities.

Parking is available on adjacent City of Reading streets, and on a limited, assigned basis in one small parking lot. It is important to note that parking is not a fundamental service of the RHA public housing program. Parking lots are patrolled by an outside contractor.

Rhodes Apartments has 8 units that are fully equipped for persons with disabilities, in accordance with the standards required by the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standard. The property has many more units in which ramped access, first-floor bedrooms, audio-visual equipment , and permanent accessibility features have been installed. Reading Housing Authority is committed to ensuring equal access to persons with disabilities, and as such, will consider modifications to its properties under the Reasonable Accommodation Policy.

Example Floor Plans

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One Bedroom (636 gsf)


No Smoking at RHA
Beginning April 1, 2018, Glenside Homes will become a smoke-free community