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Reasonable Accommodations

Reading Housing Authority’s policy is to comply with all Fair Housing regulations, including Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended. Section 504 requires public housing authorities to modify policies, rules, and procedures or make a structural change to a common area or dwelling to accommodate persons with disabilities so that such individuals can have an equal opportunity to use and enjoy the housing program.

An accommodation is considered reasonable if it does not constitute a fundamental alteration of the housing program or does not pose a substantial administrative or financial burden

RHA strives to respond to every request for a reasonable accommodation,

regardless of whether a request is made orally or in writing, or to whom the request was made. When it is understood that a requester is asking for a modification to a structure or a change in a policy or procedure by, or on behalf of, a person with a disability, the request/requestor is then directed to the Department of Resident Services. Because we understand that requests often include sensitive and/or complex information, we will ask that requests be submitted in writing, using an RHA form, so we can be sure to gather all necessary information at one time, reduce frustration, and best understand the nature of the request and the relationship to the requestor’s disability.

It’s important to understand that while RHA will strive to meet what is requested, there may be a need to enter into a conversation to discuss alternatives that could arrive at the same end.

Next, RHA will send the completed request and Reasonable Accommodation Verification Form to the third-party to verify the applicant’s status as a person with a disability and to understand the connection between the disability and the request.

In some cases,

RHA may need to reach out to the third party verifier for additional information.

Finally, a determination is made as to whether the requested accommodation is necessary and reasonable. For the RHA Public Housing communities, accommodations will be performed at no cost to the resident. For RHA’s Affordable Rentals Program, modifications may require that costs are covered outside of the organization.

The Resident Services Department will work with residents, health and human service providers and insurance companies to attempt to obtain the service or item that is needed for the disability.

This allows RHA to make best use of public monies, and also provides an opportunity to help determine if there are other services or needs that may help the resident to have a successful tenancy.


There are limitations as to what can be performed at a particular house or apartment, based upon environmental conditions. In these cases, RHA staff will discuss options that may equally address the requester’s disability-related needs.

All applicants or residents are notified in writing regarding the outcome of the request.