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Wellness Programs

At RHA, we believe that health and housing go hand-in-hand. For this reason, the agency provides, supports, or otherwise coordinates a host of on-site Wellness Services. In general, the goal of these programs is to help residents maintain stability in their housing environment by staying well, by having access to mainstream health services, by accessing resources that enhance overall wellness like exercise and nutrition, and by having the knowledge that helps people to make good choices so that they may better control their own wellness goals.

What’s your wellness goal?

At RHA, we believe that health and housing go hand-in-hand. Wellness activities are offered intermittently by area home healthcare agencies, health systems and educational institutions. Be on the lookout for health screenings, health fairs and other educational programs.

flu clinic food distribution

No one should ever go hungry!

  • Through a partnership with Helping Harvest, monthly supplemental food distributions take place in Glenside and Oakbrook Homes. Residents are encouraged to contact the Resident Services Department for more information or if there is a need for emergency food. Residents may also contact Helping Harvest directly at:
  • Eligible residents aged 60 and older can receive supplemental food assistance through the federally-funded Senior Food Box Program. Distributions occur monthly at our five highrise locations and nearby distribution locations in Glenside and Oakbrook Homes. Contact the Resident Services Department or Helping Harvest for an application or more information.
  • Periodically, seasonal fruits, vegetables, and other supplemental food items are available to RHA properties for residents on a first-come, first-served basis. The program is supported by Helping Harvest.
  • In June, be on the lookout for the distribution of Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program checks or vouchers, through the Berks County Area Agency on Aging. Voucher checks are offered yearly to eligible residents 60 years of age and older. Each eligible senior will receive check vouchers for $50 for use at area farmers’ markets to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables.
food distribution
food distribution

Community gardens are the place to be at RHA in spring, summer, and fall!

Since 2007, RHA has partnered with Berks Nature to provide community gardens for residents. Garden availability is advertised in early spring. Gardens are located at the Rhodes, Eisenhower and Hubert Apartments, at Kennedy Towers, in Glenside/Hensler Homes, and at the Oakbrook Neighborhood Community Garden at Berks Community Health Center. More than 70 resident gardeners have planted and produced herbs, vegetables, and attractive flowers in more than 100 individual gardens each year. Not only do the gardens provide fresh food for better nutrition, but they also provide a way for residents to meet and socialize. Rentals are available for the season for only $5 per garden. Raised gardens are also available for residents who cannot plant in a traditional ground garden.

Community gardens
Community gardens
Community gardens