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Section 8 Inspection at RHA

Renting out your property through the Housing Choice Voucher Program is a decision that not only fosters community growth but also brings several advantages for landlords. By accepting a housing voucher, you not only contribute to addressing the critical issue of housing affordability in our community but also gain access to a reliable pool of tenants.


Tenants Are Prescreened

Income is verified and the application process examines criminal history.

Rent Is Guaranteed Against Tenant’s Loss Of Income

RHA’s portion of the rent payment increases when your tenant’s portion decreases

You Can Count On Being Paid

Direct deposits are made on the first day of the month


Unit Inspections Required For Every Unit

Before a new contract is entered into; Every 12 or 24 months; If a participant makes a report of a health or safety issue

Inspection Priorities

Health, safety and functional operations

Criteria Is Called NSPIRE

or the National Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate. Click here to find out more

Getting Paid

How Much Rent Can I Charge?

The landlord determines how much rent to charge for the units. RHA will confirm that the rent is reasonable in comparison to similar units in the City of Reading.

When Can I, And How Do I Increase The Rent?

Rents may be increased annually, with 60 days’ notice to the tenant and RHA.

Is There A “Cap” On How Much RHA Will Pay?

On an annual basis, HUD calculates Fair Market Rents for the jurisdiction, from which RHA determines a maximum “payment standard”, which is designed to incentivize landlords to participate in the program while balancing the HUD funds to assist as many households as possible.

Payment Standards – 2024 – 110% of Fair Market Rent
# of Bedrooms


Maximum Annual Income

How do I know how much RHA should pay, and how much my tenant has to pay?
The tenant’s share of the rent is evaluated annually, and every time that the household has a change in income or composition. This means that the portion of each part can change. Landlords are informed of these changes through USPS mail and email and through the landlord portal.

What is the Landlord Portal?
Everything you need to know about your specific contracts can be obtained through the landlord portal at:

Landlord Forms

New Landlord Requirements

In order to serve as a NEW landlord in a voucher program, RHA needs:

• Landlord Information Form
• Banking Information
• W-9
• Proof of Ownership

A special note to new property owners who purchase a property that currently serves a voucher participant: You are important to us – and we hope that you continue to work with us under this program. Under these circumstances, RHA also needs:

• Proof of property transaction (settlement sheet, deed, etc.)
• Assumption of HAP Agreement


RHA values our landlord relationships! See important points of contact below:
Housing SpecialistMain point-of-contact for landlord for questions and routine matters once you’re in the program
Housing InspectorSchedules and conducts initial and annual or biannual inspections
Voucher Programs ManagerThinking about becoming a landlord? Struggling to resolve an issue? Contact me for help!
Director of Housing ManagementNeed to talk to an agency administrator? Contact the main number at 610-775-4813

HUD has many valuable resources to help landlords be informed partners.

Visit for fact sheets, FAQs, videos and more.